Motivation is what gets you started, habits is what keeps you going FAILING. For women whose struggle with health is more of a mental battle than a physical one.

94% of women say their health kicks fail not because they lack knowledge of healthy eating and movement, but because of bad habits (like overeating) sneaking back in.

What’s inside the 7-day kickstarter

Over the next 7 days you get videos, podcasts, and weekly emails to inspire and inform you about habits. You get the foundational formula that will guide you on how to break ANY habit. Yup, we show you how to break it your bad habits (like too much icecream late at night) and how to make the good ones (like sleeping soundly) stick!

What are you waiting for – it’s free! Jump in and start breaking your baddies today!


What you learn

  • Why habits are important and why they are the way of the future
  • Learn what triggers your habit (absolutely critical to breaking any habit)
  • What to do when you’re habit is triggered
  • Set your habit breaking plan
  • Show you how to sustain your new habits.
  • Plus we even give you an assessment to work out if your peanut butter and ice-cream habit is a habit, a craving, or a full blown food addiction and just what to do about it.

Program Outline

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Module 1 What is a habit and how to identify it
Unit 1 Video 1
Unit 2 Podcast 1
Unit 3 Cheat Sheet 1 Habits
Module 2 Knowing what triggers your habit, and what to do about it
Unit 1 Video 2
Unit 2 Podcast 2
Unit 3 Cheat Sheet 2 Triggers
Module 3 Identifying what’s driving your habit and how to change it
Unit 1 Video 3
Unit 2 Podcast 3
Unit 3 Cheat Sheet 3 Rewards