Who is this chick?

My name is Melitta, I’m obsessed with being healthy and feeling awesome and I help other women feel the same.

For someone with an 8 year background leading global and national behavioural change programs in the corporate world I struggled to get control of my own bad habits. When I tried to quick my cookie eating habit I realised that, for me, getting healthy was more of a mental battle than a physical one. So I went searching for help. I wanted to find something that was like the Michelle Bridge 12WBT for well-informed women who didn’t need diet plans or exercise videos but needed mental guidance on how to achieve their goals. I found zip. Nadda. Not a thing.

That is when it hit me… like a smack in the face… the little habits are the hardest to kick. Think about it, when you quit smoking, there are helplines, doctors, support networks, books, websites, apps and even medication. There are no support helplines to kick a cookie or chocolate (insert your bad habit here) habit – but that’s what I needed. That's why I started BREAKING BAD (habits), targeted at women who know what they need to do to transform their health, but struggle to actually DO IT! The science of habits runs deep, is well researched, and super simple to apply... if you know how!

With an overwhelming desire to fill this void I revisited my behavioural science and psych roots and compiled everything I could to help other women bring healthy back to their lives. Since 2014 my BREAKING BAD (habits) program has helped hundreds of women bring healthy back one habit at a time. My clients call me their brain coach for when their brain is bringing their own butt down!

The mantra I live by…

and what I’m sure you can relate to.

I believe in three things with total volition…

  • Knowledge is potential
  • Action is power, and
  • Sh*t can always be better

I believe knowledge is power and every single one of the Breaking Bad programs is about empowering you to learn, and take action. Breaking Bad is built on knowledge, and I want to share it, in any way possible.

Excellence, not average, is my measure. That is why I am totally focused on not only KNOWING but also DOING. I love results, so everything is built with practical implementation in mind to make it easy for you to do. Just check out my blog, almost every blog comes with a downloadable cheat sheet to help you hack your way to health!

I remember some advice that changed (and rocked) my world. I was dealing with a child who didn’t sleep at night, I said to a girlfriend, it’s ok, at least I get to 4-5 hours through the night, it could be worse. The advice that changed my world, yes, but Melitta, things could be worse, but sh*t girlfriend, they can ALWAYS be better too. So I am dedicated to firstly giving you back hope that things with your health CAN BE BETTER. No matter how you feel now, even if you think you feel ok, IT CAN BE BETTER, it can be amazing. And that is exactly what my goal is for you.

Let me help you hack your habits!

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